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Navigating Work, Parenting, and COVID with Nex Playground

by Nex Team February 08, 2024 2 min read

Navigating Work, Parenting, and COVID with Nex Playground

 Imagine juggling work, the daily routine and the demands of four rambunctious kids, while trying to keep everyone's health and well-being in check - sounds like a tall order! But for supermom Melissa Villoch, recruiter at Hirewell.com and a devoted user of Nex Playground, this is just another day.

As a member of the Beta Program, Melissa has been a valuable contributor, providing feedback and shaping the user experience for our future customers. Her family fell in love with the Nex device during the testing phase (“My kids loved it and kept fighting to take turns!”), but it was only after they returned it that they realized just how much they had come to rely on it.

When Thanksgiving rolled around and COVID struck her husband, Melissa found herself single parenting and struggling to find ways to keep her kids occupied and active. That's when the team at Nex came to the rescue, offering to send another test device to alleviate the fatigue of single parenting. And it was a godsend!

It's not just Melissa who has found the Nex Playground useful during tough times. Irene Tosch, another Nex Playground customer, shared a video on the Nex Playground Insider Community on Facebook of her kids playing on a sick day when they were not active enough to attend school, but not sick enough to stay in bed either.

kids enjoying laser dodge in playground
 ”It left them all tired lol which is a huge win for parents!” 


The Nex Playground might not have the power to cure viruses, but it sure can give parents like Melissa a much-needed break from the daily bustle and requests from her active kids. Laser Dodge and Basketball Knockout are the biggest hits for their family. Join our Community Group and see why it's the go-to device for parents looking for a guaranteed respite!