Want to unlock the full game catalog on Playground? Get a Play Pass

Want to unlock the full game catalog on Playground? Get a Play Pass

Nex Playground

Get the Whole Family Moving!

The active play system for kids and families

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Available from 29 March 2024
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Customer Love
Customers say

Customers like the quality, ease of use, size and appearance of the game system. They mention that it’s a great system to get the kids up and off their iPads, and that the setup was virtually non-existent. They appreciate the portability and the sleek design. Customers also say that it is good to stay active.

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Amit S.

Verified Buyer

Just Awesome

My kids are moving more and having fun! The technology is so reliable it seems like magic. And it's a great way to get everyone together! One of the best purchases I've made! We can't wait for more games!

Tawana J.

Verified Buyer

Keep them active!

Nex Playground has been a great benefit to our household. I love how it keeps my children moving and not just sitting to play a video game. I know this is revolutionary for any family. The moments and memories created by playing together builds a strong bond. Thanks for a good gaming system!


Barb B.

It’s really fantastic!

I have an almost 5yr old & we play it a couple times a week. I would 100% recommend- I’m even taking it on vacation with us this summer!


Deb B.

It's amazing!

I have 4 grandkids who live with me, ages 6 to 15. It has them all playing together rather than just sitting around watching TV. Bought one for my daughter's kids as well, ages 6, 4 and 2, and they all love it and play all the time. The few issues we had were solved by changing the TV to game mode, once we found the setting.


Susan Y.

Best investment ever!

I setup the system this past Monday and my kids and I have been playing every night before bed. We all love it! This is way better than them playing Xbox or Nintendo switch. It gets all of them on their feet and moving. We now started a family night tradition of back to back competitions. Tons of bonding time with my kids. Best investment ever!


Taylor D.

Great for physical activity and family competitions.

We’ve had it since December. My kids (4 and 7 yo) played it everyday, multiple times daily, the first few months. Now they play it 5-7 days a week for 30 minutes at a time, sometimes more. They get SO excited when a new game is released. It’s nice us adults can play too.

Gay W.

Verified Buyer

Exceeds expectations!

My grandkids love this system! The teenagers love it as much as the younger one. Even this grandma has played it! Their mom loves the exercise one! So easy to set up and use! Great job! Also love how your support answers folks questions almost immediately!


Donna Y.

Everyone is active

We love starri a lot, and my youngest loves the mini games. We love the fact that there are new updates to this system, and new games/songs to look forward to.Everyone is active and this is an alternative choice to playing video games/watching TV.


Deirdre O.

It really gets us moving and laughing!

I love the physical aspect. It really gets us moving and laughing!


Nina S.

My kid absolutely loves it

We've had it for over six months and my kid absolutely loves it. Him and I play Star against each other and it's actually a good exercise for me on the higher level I purchased the big game package right away and I absolutely love it!there are so many different options and feedback from the manufacturer is fantastic.


Nat H.

Laughing together

I'm a single dad of four kids, and very pleased with this thing. My oldest is an adult, and enjoys playing with the little ones. One of the few things everyone in the family likes to do together. I much prefer it to other video games because they are at least moving and standing a bit farther away from the screen, plus laughing together. I had questions for customer service and used the text line. They are extremely responsive and helpful. Really, you cannot go wrong

Richard B.

Verified Buyer

Best family game

This is so much fun. I love that it doesn’t need controllers or anything. We always have a blast playing together as a family and it gets all the wiggles out of my kids. When they’re done playing the games they are hungry and tired lol The exercise game is a big plus for me. But seriously just playing any game on the NEX playground is a workout. Excited for more games to come out on this thing.


Amber L.

We absolutely love ours!

I have kids range from toddler to almost 18 and we all enjoy it together! Especially now that school is out, they have something to occupy their time when parents are working or busy or rainy days. We love having the pass the provides access to every game available. There’s always new updates and new releases so it’s well worth the price! And this company has been Amazing with customer service and interaction with their customers. They always do their absolute best to help in any way and always care about our feedback for new games or how to make things better.I would choose this device over others any day!


Sandy A.

😊 Seriously we love it.

I purchased this for my grandkids about a month ago, they love it and so do I. Very easy for the 5&6 year old to change from game to game.

Nastassja S

Verified Buyer

Best toy especially for rainy days

My kids love to play the games. Especially on rainy days stuck inside the house, they are still able to be active and burn their energy having fun. Even the adults jump in on some of the games.


Kelly L.

Laughing together

We have had it for a week and my kids love it. They play it all the time and are moving when it is super hot outside and I don’t have to worry about a separate gaming console like with the Kinect and the PlayStation. My kids (9,6,3) are super excited about the new games coming out and love all the ones on there. Some are more difficult than others like hungry hippo is a learning curve but we have enjoyed it so far! They are more willing to help out to earn time to play on it and keep the area clean so they can move around 🤣

Ashley V.

Verified Buyer

Hours of fun and exercise!!

I was worried about another screen in the house but this is unlike ALL other screens! This is only one that actually gets my kids (and myself) up and moving!! We all love playing the games together, especially basketball, and hungry hungry hippos - the ARM workout!!! There are so many games to choose from, no one has ever been bored of it! This is our new favorite family game!

Julie L.

Verified Buyer

Fun for All

We have 9yo & 3yo who absolutely love this system and our entire family is getting up and moving more because of it. We recently brought it to a kids' video game night party and it was a HUGE hit with every kid there!!


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Active Arcade









Active Arcade







“This game makes me move!"

I'm quite sedentary and this game makes me move. I love that. It is also very easy to play for several people.

Active Arcade

“It's fun!"

The children were having a lot of fun sweating! Looking forward to more updates!

Party Fowl

Playground captures your moves.
Your body powers the play.

Meet Playground

Motion AI unlocks allx the fun.

AI-powered camera

Motion learning system

Small but mighty computer inside





開箱即可遊玩多人模式的派對遊戲、比Active Arcade 活力街更好玩的挑戰!內置Nex 出品的三款主打遊戲,各種瘋狂有趣的體驗讓你和家人朋友盡情玩樂!


開箱即可遊玩多人模式的派對遊戲、比Active Arcade 活力街更好玩的挑戰!內置Nex 出品的三款主打遊戲,各種瘋狂有趣的體驗讓你和家人朋友盡情玩樂!







  • 廣角相機
  • Nex 獨家研發的AI 技術
  • Arm Cortex A 系列 SoC
  • Android操作系統,由Nex定制
  • HDMI 電視連接口(包括連接線)
  • WiFi
  • 藍牙5.2
  • 具有觸覺反饋的無線控制器
  • 使用環保物料

Haptic remote makes gameplay feel even more real.