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Want to unlock the full game catalog on Playground? Get a Play Pass

Want to unlock the full game catalog on Playground? Get a Play Pass

Nex Playground

Get the Whole Family Moving!

The active play system for kids and families

Bring Playground Home
Get your family moving together.

Named one of TIME’s Best Inventions. Best New Entertainment System for Teens and Tweens by Parents.

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Ages 5 and up

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Named one of TIME’s Best Inventions.

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Best New Entertainment System for Teens & Tweens.

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Ages 5 & up

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Available from 29 March 2024
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Trusted by 6,000+ parents

Families everywhere are getting up off the couch for
Nex Playground.

Gayane uses Nex Playground for family game nights. It is something fun for the whole family!

Gayane Berberyan 

Maizie is busy mom with 2 boys in suburbs Denver Co. Nex Playground helps give her a balance between keeping everyone active, enjoying motherhood and bonding with her children over games.

Maizie Chan

Jenee enjoys indoor playtime with her toddler. Regardless of rain or shine Nex Playground keeps everyone up and active :)

Jenee Suggs

California mom, Kelsey likes that Nex Playground is the guilt free screen time that keeps her 2 boys moving!

Kelsey Tighe

Heather is a mother of 2 active and energetic boys.

The Hermidas are a family of 4. Playing, laughing and giggling as a family is what they do best.

The Klem's are a family of 6. They use Playground to laugh, play and compete while staying active.

Tiffany is a mother of 3 boys and 1 girl. Playground is the perfect way for them to bond as a family.

Tiffany is an active mother of 1 girl based in Kentucky.

Meet Michael, Tiffany, Jonathan, & Daniel Shluv as they complete in a life-size boardgame featuring Nex Playground.

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Endless new forms of play.

Every Nex Playground includes a Starter Pack of 5 free titles. Unlock all 20+ games & experiences with a Play Pass.

Party Fowl

Compete in whacky and hilarious party games.

Thumbnail Whack A Mole.jpg__PID:61044879-01b9-454e-a730-00a9a0c33a4a
Cover_Image_14_-min.jpg (1).png__PID:08663588-1ffa-4a18-bc40-22e63bd8c37f

Whack those pesky moles as fast as you can.

Thumbnail Go Keeper.jpg__PID:82475059-d285-4a27-907b-6a62c30fbe02
Cover_Image_14_-min.jpg (2).png__PID:6635881f-faba-48bc-8022-e63bd8c37ffc
Go Keeper

Become the ultimate goal keeper in many worlds.

Cover_Image_14_-min.jpg (3).png__PID:35881ffa-ba18-4c40-a2e6-3bd8c37ffc07

Move to the music you love.

Their Favorite Characters Come to Life!

Partnerships with Hasbro and Sesame Workshop mean the youngest family members can learn & play with Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Elmo, Peppa Pig, and more of their favorite educational TV characters.

07_Starri Card-min.png__PID:436e6c04-8b4e-4cdb-bed3-594199b579d6
Get Up & Dance!

Starri, a game included with every Nex Playground, is here to immerse your whole family in the music you love. Partnerships with major record labels mean a wide selection of songs, from trending artists to the classics.

07_All Music Covers-min.png__PID:fbe3b93d-294a-4a27-a0de-88c0f098eeed07_All Music covers - Mobile-min.png__PID:0e4e3923-0104-43ce-9946-55040a002996
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“My Kids Love the Experience And We Love Seeing Them Use It"

My kids have been loving this app for the last two weeks. It really drives their heart rate up, entertains them, and even lets them practice their math and spelling a little bit along the way.

Active Arcade

“Love this game!!"

Absolutely loving this game. Reminds me of other rhythm games I used to love but motivates me to exercise my arms.


“Best game ever for family and kids!"

It was raining during the weekend and kids are bored, so we just downloaded this to have some fun in the living room, and THIS IS AMAZING! Got kids competing and moving together with parents.

Party Fowl

“Great interactive family fun"

This is a great family game. It’s fun and interactive and you don’t realize you’re working out.

Active Arcade

“Lots of songs and variety"

Had a lot of fun trying the two game modes. Theres a lot of well known songs so it’s really cool to be dancing to my favourite songs with just my phone.


“Awesome game to play with friends"

Great excuse to embarrass my friends and parents. We find ourselves randomly playing this and it never fails to generate laughs!!

Party Fowl

“This game makes me move!"

I'm quite sedentary and this game makes me move. I love that. It is also very easy to play for several people.

Active Arcade

“It's fun!"

The children were having a lot of fun sweating! Looking forward to more updates!

Party Fowl

Keep everyone active & entertained.

With simple, natural gestures and no extra sensors or clunky wearables, everyone can jump right in. Just play like you were born to play.

Bring the fun together.

Remember when we used to play games together? Whether its family game night, a rainy weekend, or a get together with friends, Playground is the life of the party.

Step into magical new worlds.

Transform your living room into a virtual arcade, gym, obstacle course, theme park or just about anything you can imagine.

Get moving more together, too.

With a built-in movement tracker, Playground tracks movement across all games. See how your whole family is getting active together, right in the heart of your home.

A Lesson in Disguise

Our games offer a host of educational benefits for children of all ages.


Numbers & Math

Frame 16-min.png__PID:351377fb-05cc-47c5-a40e-000329fdf686

Brain Teasing Puzzles

Frame 16 (1)-min.png__PID:05cc97c5-640e-4003-a9fd-f686bacdec23

Pattern Recognition

Playground captures your moves. Your body powers the play.

AI-powered camera

Motion learning system

Small but mighty chip inside

Unlock all the fun with a Play Pass.

Get unlimited access to Nex games and experiences on Playground.

Full access to the catalog, starting with 20 games and experiences*

New games released throughout the year in seasonal “drops”

The ultimate, evolving treasure chest of active fun

No disruptive ads or in-app purchases

Quarterly Play Pass

R 399

All-Game Access

Annual Play Pass

R 1,199

All-Game Access

Play Pass holders will get exclusive access to pre-release games and motion experiences in the Nex Lab (when available) throughout the year.

Quarterly Play Pass

R 399

All-Game Access

Annual Play Pass

R 1,199

All-Game Access

Play Pass holders will get exclusive access to pre-release games and motion experiences in the Nex Lab (when available) throughout the year.

Bring Playground Home