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Hungry Hungry Hippos Move N’ Munch

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A motion twist on the timeless family classic!

  • Move and munch with your favorite pals as you splash in the lush lagoons to partake in this chaotic fruit feast.
  • Players control hippos by swinging their arms to chomp down on delicious fruits.
  • With silly power ups, quick events, and adorable hippos, players can experience a new lively take on this classic family game.
  • Grab some friends and compete to see who’s the hungriest hippo around!

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How to Play!

Raise your arms up high to open the hippo’s mouth. Then swing down fast to eat all the fruits in your path! The hungriest hippo wins!

Use Powerups!

Catch the flying fruit fly to gain power ups to take the lead over your competition. Grow larger, munch faster, or even send lighting to stun your opponents!

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