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Trusted by 12,000+ parents

Get your family moving with Nex Playground!

It’s the active play system for kids and adults featuring dozens of games the whole family will love playing together.


Ages 5 & up

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Nex has been featured in
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Family Game Night, Reinvented!

Nex Playground is an indoor play system that transforms your living room into an interactive game zone, perfect for children and families.


Promotes physical activity


Encourages learning and bonding


Easy setup, no wearables

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Trusted by 12,000+ parents

Customer Love
Customers say

Customers like the quality, ease of use, size and appearance of the game system. They mention that it’s a great system to get the kids up and off their iPads, and that the setup was virtually non-existent. They appreciate the portability and the sleek design. Customers also say that it is good to stay active.


Nathan S.

Verified Purchase

Super active fun for the whole family

This thing is awesome! Our 6 year old cannot stop talking about it. I don’t usually like him to play games but this one is active and makes him move around a lot. There are a lot of different games that is also fun for adults to join in. The device itself is compact and very pretty. Super easy to set up and the controls are intuitive. They are also continually coming out with more games, and we are excited for the games coming soon this summer. Highly recommended!

Raj S.


Verified Purchase

Great alternative to iPad

Got this for my five year old daughter after reading so many positive reviews online. No regrets so far. My daughter LOVES it, it keeps her active and its a great addition to our post-dinner routine.

Setup was a breeze and the product is so easy to use you'd think it was designed by Apple.

Zach S.


Verified Purchase

Easy, Fun, Family Oriented, and Active!

The Nex Playground is an incredible gaming system that is unlike any other. The games are fun and engaging, without being too complex. There is minimal learning curve, so the family can play games right out of the box. I love that there are built in games that we can access immediately.



Verified Purchase

Great active gaming device for kids

I was surprised at how simple and sleek the game system looked - it's not bulky at all and is easy to pack in a suitcase for vacations! It's a really great system to get the kids up and off their iPads, and comes with a ton of innocent interactive games. Highly highly recommend for any parent looking to get their kids engaged but not simply on a screen by themselves!


Edson S.


Verified Purchase

Nex Playground is a hit!

WOW . . . the Nex Playground has been a pleasant surprise. When it arrived, it felt like I was opening an Apple product. I purchased this for when my grandkids visit and they have not stopped playing since we set it up, which only took a few minutes. I ended up buying the 3 month Play Pass so they can try all the games, but based on their initial reactions, including Grandpa’s, we’ll likely upgrade to the annual pass.

Alex N.


Verified Purchase

Easy & fun gift for kids

I bought this to keep my nieces & nephew (ages 7, 5 & 3) busy when I'm watching them. They've been loving it so far! It's nice to have something to keep them active and jumping around, and it's been a great bonding activity for us to do together.
I love the design and colors on it, and it doesn't take a lot of space on my TV stand. I also found it really easy to set up myself and the kids caught onto the games really quickly. I think this will make a great gift for other family members too. Definitely recommend!


Verified Buyer

Game changer. Yes literally!

I saw ads for this game system on social media and read some reviews on it. I ended up buying one directly from their website and one system off of Amazon (I was really excited to get this for my kids). The one ordered from Amazon arrived one day earlier than the one from directly from Nex. (It looked so cool I was planning on gifting one of them). I do believe that have changed their distribution so they should all arrive much sooner than before.There’s no game system like this that I’m aware of. We have an Oculus/Meta VR, Nintendo Wii, etc and this is like a hybrid of these experiences with out using headsets, controllers or extra sensors.. YOU are the controller! The games are fun and family friendly. I definitely recommend this game system. I really believe most households will enjoy this!


Verified Buyer

Great for active toddlers

We recently purchased the console to do more active indoor activities. I have a 2.5 year old so he might be a bit wee young, but there’s games for him to get him to dance and tire him out some. But in the long run, I can see him growing into it and having tons of fun! Looking forward to exploring more games!

Get ready for an active summer ☀️

Gayane uses Nex Playground for family game nights. It is something fun for the whole family!

Gayane Berberyan 

Maizie is busy mom with 2 boys in suburbs Denver Co. Nex Playground helps give her a balance between keeping everyone active, enjoying motherhood and bonding with her children over games.

Maizie Chan

Jenee enjoys indoor playtime with her toddler. Regardless of rain or shine Nex Playground keeps everyone up and active :)

Jenee Suggs

California mom, Kelsey likes that Nex Playground is the guilt free screen time that keeps her 2 boys moving!

Kelsey Tighe

Heather is a mother of 2 active and energetic boys.

The Hermidas are a family of 4. Playing, laughing and giggling as a family is what they do best.

The Klem's are a family of 6. They use Playground to laugh, play and compete while staying active.

Tiffany is a mother of 3 boys and 1 girl. Playground is the perfect way for them to bond as a family.

Tiffany is an active mother of 1 girl based in Kentucky.

Meet Michael, Tiffany, Jonathan, & Daniel Shluv as they complete in a life-size boardgame featuring Nex Playground.

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“My Kids Love the Experience And We Love Seeing Them Use It"

My kids have been loving this app for the last two weeks. It really drives their heart rate up, entertains them, and even lets them practice their math and spelling a little bit along the way.

Active Arcade

“Love this game!!"

Absolutely loving this game. Reminds me of other rhythm games I used to love but motivates me to exercise my arms.


“Best game ever for family and kids!"

It was raining during the weekend and kids are bored, so we just downloaded this to have some fun in the living room, and THIS IS AMAZING! Got kids competing and moving together with parents.

Party Fowl

“Great interactive family fun"

This is a great family game. It’s fun and interactive and you don’t realize you’re working out.

Active Arcade

“Lots of songs and variety"

Had a lot of fun trying the two game modes. Theres a lot of well known songs so it’s really cool to be dancing to my favourite songs with just my phone.


“Awesome game to play with friends"

Great excuse to embarrass my friends and parents. We find ourselves randomly playing this and it never fails to generate laughs!!

Party Fowl

“This game makes me move!"

I'm quite sedentary and this game makes me move. I love that. It is also very easy to play for several people.

Active Arcade

“It's fun!"

The children were having a lot of fun sweating! Looking forward to more updates!

Party Fowl

A Lesson in Disguise

Our games offer a host of educational benefits for children of all ages.


Numbers & Math

Fun and engaging ways to sharpen math skills.

Frame 16-min.png__PID:351377fb-05cc-47c5-a40e-000329fdf686

Brain Teasing Puzzles

Keep their minds active and challenged.

Frame 16 (1)-min.png__PID:05cc97c5-640e-4003-a9fd-f686bacdec23

Pattern Recognition

Boost cognitive skills through interactive play

From the Box to Belly Laughs in Minutes

With a simple set-up, intuitive motion controls, and no extra gear needed, you'll be chuckling through family challenges in no time.

Create Unforgettable Memories Together

Remember when we used to play games together? Whether its family game night, a rainy weekend, or a get together with friends, Playground is the life of the party.


Playground captures your moves.
Your body powers the play.

Meet Playground

Motion AI unlocks allx the fun.

AI-powered camera

Motion learning system

Small but mighty computer inside

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Primed for action, right out of the box.

Get amazing Nex games out of the box, including family party games, active arcade-style games, fun flyers and more. Nex Playground comes with 5 marquee titles, and a variety of crazy fun mini games and experiences that get you moving in a heartbeat.

Primed for action, right out of the box.

Get amazing Nex games out of the box, including family party games, active arcade-style games, fun flyers and more. Nex Playground comes with 5 marquee titles, and a variety of crazy fun mini games and experiences that get you moving in a heartbeat.

Privacy built-in.

Active camera indicator light

Magnetic privacy cover

Motion detection only on device

No video stored

No processing in the cloud

  • Wide-angle camera
  • Nex AI-powered motion engine
  • Arm Cortex A-Series SoC
  • Android OS, customized by Nex
  • HDMI TV connection (cable included)
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Remote control with haptics and microphone
  • Eco friendly packaging

Haptic remote makes gameplay feel even more real.

Step into magical new worlds

Transform your living room into a virtual arcade, gym, obstacle course, theme park or just about anything you can imagine.

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Included with Nex Playground

Playground comes with four marquee titles included. There's something for everyone—from arcade fun, to family time, dance, and sports.

Party Fowl

Compete in whacky and hilarious party games.

Thumbnail Whack A Mole.jpg__PID:61044879-01b9-454e-a730-00a9a0c33a4a
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Whack those pesky moles as fast as you can.

Thumbnail Go Keeper.jpg__PID:82475059-d285-4a27-907b-6a62c30fbe02
Cover_Image_14_-min.jpg (2).png__PID:6635881f-faba-48bc-8022-e63bd8c37ffc
Go Keeper

Become the ultimate goal keeper in many worlds.

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Move to the music you love.

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