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What's New in PlayOS v1.4

by Paul Dixon May 02, 2024 2 min read

What's New in PlayOS v1.4


Hi Playgrounders,

We're excited to announce a new PlayOS update (version 1.4). 🎉
Here’s what’s new.

Play Pass
A new Play Pass area in Settings now allows you to sign up and also see when your Play Pass renews.

Is there a game that you just don’t ever want to see while browsing through Playground’s catalog of games? Well now you can hide it. And for the games you want to be visible, you’ll now be able to easily identify which ones have been updated and which ones are new, via fun and brightly-colored visual indicators. Lastly, performance is now improved for downloading games when Playground isn’t being used, and even while it is in use.

Energy Management
You can now set how long before Playground automatically goes to sleep (A.K.A. “turns off”) when it’s no longer in use. Remember, you can always put Playground to sleep immediately by pressing down the Home button for 5 seconds. And now it’ll simultaneously turn off your TV, too.

Setting up Playground
For people who’ve yet to set up their Playground, we’ve streamlined it by removing an unnecessary step, made the game installation status more clear, and included a new tip to recommend you turn on your TV’s Game Mode while using Playground. And if you haven’t turned on Game Mode yet, you should—your gameplay will be a lot smoother and more responsive!

In the rare occasion you’re running into problems with Playground and you contact customer support, you can now opt to share performance details about your Playground. These diagnostics are really helpful for our customer support team to better resolve any issues you might be experiencing. And if you run into WiFi or Play Pass errors, the information displayed on screen is now more informative, which should help you resolve the errors on your own.

There’s a light at the bottom of the remote to indicate the remote’s battery charge level (yellow means there’s 20% left, red means there’s 10% left), but if that wasn’t helpful enough, there’s now a “low battery” notification that appears while using Playground. Remember, any USB-C cable can be used to re-charge it.

What to expect
PlayOS 1.4 will be incrementally rolled out to everyone in the coming days. You don’t have to do anything because it’ll be automatically downloaded while you use Playground. Just make sure your Playground is consistently connected to your WiFi network. Once it’s ready, you’ll see a screen asking to restart your Playground to apply the update. Enjoy, and let’s keep moving!