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Meet Jerry: The developer behind Starri

by Nex Team October 11, 2023 1 min read

Meet Jerry: The developer behind Starri

Every masterpiece has a maestro weaving the threads of imagination and code. Allow us to introduce you to the brilliant mind behind the magic of our music game Starri — Jerry Qi Zhang ! 🧑‍💻🎩

Beyond the binary, Jerry has a passionate interest for rhythm games and transforms lines of code into virtual musical journey as you move along to the rhythm. But Jerry is not alone in this journey, he is supported by a team of individuals who bring their expertise and creativity to make Starri shine brightly - Jon, Matthew, Raven, Jikson, and KK Chan.

As a father, he shares the joy of game development with his 6-year-old daughter. Often, she becomes the first to experience his demos firsthand, adding her touch to the games creation process. One of which is 2048 Arms, a prototype inspired by the popular puzzle game. Check out how Karen was super excited when she beat Jerry at the game!

Have you played Starri on mobile / PC before? We would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts about the difficulty, song library, and things that you think we can further improve on as we bring the game to a bigger screen!