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Introducing Whack-a-Mole Deluxe!

by Nex Team November 04, 2023 1 min read

Introducing Whack-a-Mole Deluxe!

Whack-a-mole is THE first motion game we created for Active Arcade, built after we migrated the most popular interactive training game from HomeCourt to Active Arcade in 2021. It has been played millions of times and is one of our most well-loved games.

Whack-a-Mole Deluxe takes it to a new level with completely new art, improved gameplay, and new moles! It supports 1 and 2 players. It's probably one of the best ways to expense your kiddos energy.

This is built by Nex's Village Cell. Their other productions include Peppa Pig: Jump & Giggle and Pip's Tale. They have one more game up their sleeve for this Christmas and the announcement will be saved for later.

Whack-a-Mole Deluxe is one of the 4 games bundled with Nex Playground hardware purchase.