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Eric’s RX Story: Vaccine Clinic uses Nex Playground to transform families’ vaccination experience

by Nex Team December 13, 2023 2 min read

Eric’s RX Story: Vaccine Clinic uses Nex Playground to transform families’ vaccination experience


“Nex Playground took away the tears.” - Hanna, Eric's RX

two kids playing basketball knockout at the clinic

It used to be that kids walking into the community clinic at Eric’s RX vaccination center would come in teary and anxious, anticipating the vaccine that was going to be administered to them shortly. These days, Hanna from Eric's RX, beams as she explains how Nex has changed the kids' demeanors as they walk into the clinic.

When kids from the community walk in, she tells them that they can play on Nex Playground after their vaccine appointment. With the draw of screen time and playing the motion sensing game they see others playing in the main lobby, the kids wait patiently for their turn and remain calm while distracted by watching others playing Nex Playground. After the appointment, kids are rewarded with a fun and active experience. Nex offers a perfect solution to anxious kids awaiting their vaccines, the stress of parents managing their kids' health needs, and vaccination clinicians observing after effects of the vaccine and getting their patients moving.

two female kids playing peppa pig jump and giggle at the clinic

More about Eric's RX

Mark Ost’s father founded Eric Rx with his friend Eric, a pharmacist in Horsham, Philadelphia. Over a span of 14 years, they gained trust with the close-knit community as people they could trust for their medication needs. With the onset of COVID 19, Eric Rx opened a nearby vaccine clinic to give access to more COVID vaccinations. They were the first in their state to offer COVID vaccinations to the community and have since administered 130,000 in the 3 years they have been operating. Unlike the big chain stores, community vaccination clinics like Eric’s, offers friendly, compassionate and efficient service to customers and Nex Playground has been a huge part of creating a vaccination experience that kids and families can actually enjoy! Hanna, who has been working at Eric’s for 2 years, is one of the players in making the Playground an integral part of the customer experience.