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Another round of Playground Beta Testing Units ready to go!

by Nex Team October 20, 2023 1 min read

Another round of Playground Beta Testing Units ready to go!

We will be on our way to FedEx in San Jose this afternoon and 17 of our beta testers will receive these as early as tomorrow! If you are one of them, you will have a busy weekend playing games! 😅

The response for our beta testing program is overwhelming and we already have over 80 on the wait list! Please bear with us if it's not yet your turn, we are doing our best! 🙏

For those who have already completed testing, THANK YOU so much for your help! It is no easy feat to try out all the games multiple times with your kiddos and send us written feedback in such great details in just a week!

As fellow parents with young kids, we know schedules are hectic and trying out a new product in its beta stage can be tricky. We really appreciate you taking that time and being so direct and honest with us, especially when something is not meeting your expectations.

That's the whole point of doing beta testing, our whole team of 50 are working around the clock to get Nex Playground to the state that you're happy with, in time for shipping out before the holidays. Let's go!!!