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Summer Games Line Up!

by Nex Motion Entertainment May 22, 2024 2 min read

Summer Games Line Up!

☀️ We're announcing a number of new games set to launch throughout this summer! The new games will join our existing catalog of over 20 titles available with a Play Pass subscription.

This May, CONNECT 4 BOUNCE will be available as the latest game title in our continued collaboration with Hasbro. We are also providing an early preview of games set to release this summer.

Our June game releases include:

Elmo Says: The first game to be released as part of our collaboration with Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street, Elmo will help children exercise their listening skills in an interactive way.
Family Fitness Challenge: The newest fitness-focused Nex original title, families will engage in friendly competition as they are instructed to jump, hit, kick and dodge to reach certain goals.

Our July game releases include:

Elmo & Abby’s Magical Letter Hunt: Another game in collaboration with Sesame Workshop, players will join Elmo and Abby on a flying adventure, using arm flaps to soar through the sky to capture letters in the shape of clouds.
Fruit Ninja: As part of a new collaboration with Halfbrick Studios, the wildly popular mobile game will be transformed to encourage a new level of active gameplay.
Bowling: Joining our original sports titles – Basketball Knockout, Tennis Smash, and Go Keeper – players will compete to strike down all the pins and see who can score a perfect game.

Our August game releases include:

CANDYLAND: Expanding on our collaboration with Hasbro, this modern spin on the classic board game reimagines family game night for a new generation.
Doodle Heads: A Nex original game where players dance around as silly stick figures in a hand-drawn whimsical world.

Nex Playground has seen rapid growth among families of young children thanks to its plug-and-play setup and fully motion-powered gameplay, making it fun and accessible for all ages. Players can choose to play either solo or with up to four participants, depending on the game.

The new summer games will be progressively released on the Nex Playground starting June 2024, and will be included in its Play Pass content subscription bundle for families.

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