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Play Pass keeps getting better

by Paul Dixon March 08, 2024 3 min read

Play Pass keeps getting better

The active fun never stops.

Exciting times are ahead for Play Pass! As we continue to evolve and grow, our journey from launch has been filled with constant game updates. But hold on, there’s more in store! Play Pass is getting even better this Spring.

Now Live!

In case you missed our Winter updates…
  • All-New: Tennis Smash - Tennis launched this February to great reception. It’s like playing real tennis, right in your living room. You can even bring your own tennis racket to the fun! Checkout the Tennis launch trailer here.

  • Starri Update - New songs added from Lady Gaga, Fall Out Boy, Kayoco Yuzawa, and technoplanet

  • Juglr Update - Now offers 40 levels. Juggle away with Juglr!

These updates are live for Play Pass subscribers. Make sure your Playground is connected to WiFi to get all the latest content updates automatically.

Coming this March:

3 Major Updates, and 1 Surprise New Game

Tumbobots: 4 new characters and 11 new levels!
To celebrate the 4,000 members milestone for the Playground Insider community, we are updating Tumbobots with 4 new characters and 11 new levels. Enjoy and thanks to everyone for supporting our Facebook community!

Tumbobots features fun new characters and levels!


Cardio workouts coming to NexGym
NexGym 2.0 will be customizable to match your current fitness goals, and we have new exercises and routines that are both fun and effective at burning calories and getting your heart rate up. Check out this sneak peak video, and stay tuned for a mid-March release!

NexGym gets a major upgrade with immersive cardio exercises.


All-New Arcade Classic (Surprise 🤫): We’re taking a trip down memory lane but with a twist! A beloved retro arcade game is getting a facelift with our signature active body control. We’re keeping the details under wraps for now, but expect a teaser soon! Stay tuned towards the end of the month for this new release.

Can you guess what the new mystery game for March might be about? 🤐

Coming this Spring

Active family fun, gets even smarter…

Get ready to dive into a deep bench of new games coming to Play Pass this Spring. Our team is pushing the boundaries to ensure your experience with Nex Playground is unforgettable.


Sesame Street comes to Playground

In collaboration with Sesame Workshop, we’re excited to bring two active learning games to life this spring. These games are designed not just for fun, but to foster learning, bonding, and growth. Read the announcement here.


Sesame Street brings active education to the whole family.


IP Partnerships Powering Up

April and May are set to be groundbreaking with two new brand partnerships bringing three innovative new games to our platform. Though we can’t spill the beans just yet, prepare for announcements that you won’t want to miss!


Family, Sports, & Fitness

This May and June, gear up for a trio of releases designed to bring families together. Dive into the whimsical world of Doodleheads, take on the Family Fitness Challenge, or strike out at the lanes with Bowling. Each game is crafted to blend fun, fitness, and bring even more family bonding into your Playground experience.

Join our Facebook group to stay connected for more updates and surprises on the way. The future of active play is here at Nex Playground, and you’re invited to be a part of every step!