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Meet Luminous

by Nex Team October 06, 2023 1 min read

Meet Luminous

Luminous is an anti-thesis. Motion games don't necessarily need to involve a lot of movement. You will be surprised how little movement is required to play Luminous. You literally just need to slightly shift your weight to control the ball. With soothing music, this game is designed to bring you to the present.

And because it is so easy to play, everyone in the family can play it. Luminous will be part of the Play Pass Subscription.

P.S. Brett Johnson created a prototype of Luminous in March 2022. We were sitting on this game prototype for a very very long time. It's only after user play testing returned very positive results that we came back to finish it. This experience has inspired the concept of creating a lab in Playground where users can test prototypes and give feedback so that we won't miss great concepts again.