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Diane’s Story: Nex Playground assists kids with ADHD, anxiety and sensory processing disorder

by Nex Team December 06, 2023 2 min read

Diane’s Story: Nex Playground assists kids with ADHD, anxiety and sensory processing disorder

Diane, a military mom of 2 active boys, Caden (13) and Ryland (7) is quite the supermom. After 10 years of her husband’s service in the Navy, often traveling and being a military spouse on her own and 4 miscarriages, she gave birth to precious, Caden by emergency C-section.

At 3, Caden was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder and a coordination disorder. After much therapy and Diane’s incessant parental care and support, Caden is now flourishing at 13 years old. He holds a 2nd degree blackbelt in Karate, extremely attentive, hardworking, kind and sweet. “At his last blackbelt test, he made his instructors cry. They said out of the 21 years they taught, he was the second best they had ever seen.” “He has come a long way”, says Diane.

While looking for a device that would assist with reducing hyperactivity, helping them focus and fulfill sensory needs, Diane found Nex Playground. Unlike other motion sensing devices, this device was “more affordable than the $5,000 STEAM projector” she looked into that was marketed more towards large businesses and organizations.

Diane was one of our beta testers and found that Nex Playground was exactly what she was looking for her two boys.
“It gets him moving around quite a bit, and then after, he is super calm. Being calm and able to focus are really difficult things for him with ADHD.”

Diane recently went back to work, rehabilitating reptiles and parrots at her friend’s sanctuary. She also is a part of the military parent community, where she advises younger parents on navigating educational resources for their kids. Moreover, she is excited about Nex Playground and hopes that other parents like her will find it a revolutionary way for her kids to play, learn, and thrive.

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