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Active Arcade is coming to Nex Playground!

by Nex Team September 13, 2023 1 min read

Active Arcade is coming to Nex Playground!

This 15-in-1 game is the first-ever motion game Nex built. The first version was shipped in March 2021. It went viral in Asia, reached millions of players, and was played over 100 million times. This 2x Apple Design Award nominee (innovation and social impact categories) game inspired many games that came after it.

To many of us at Nex, this 2.5-year-old game already felt nostalgic. It is the ancestor of Party Fowl, Starri, and a couple other yet-to-be-announced titles in the work.

Active Arcade is optimized for the big screen and Nex Playground will be the best device to play it. We hope you like it!